Passage Weather for quick downloads of zipfiles with separate charts for wind, precipitation, waves etc. Useful if you want to save on dongle time, or for later access when without internet.

Gribfiles do about the same as Passage Weather, but show wind, precipitation and pressure in one picture. First you have to download the program, once. (It's supposed to be possible to open the downloaded data later, but I've never managed to do so.)

Windfinder shows hourly details for 3 days in the “super” forecast, but strangely enough they often don't correspond with the standard forecast.

Windguru is a similar site, has more locations, but shows no night hours (because meant for surfers?). MarSurf.jsp?selPraia=6&idPraia=6

A Portuguese site with lots of interesting information, but I can't find out anymore how to get to this page from the home page.


Meteo Galicia for Galician waters. Nice detail: it also gives a forecast for the Caminos de Santiago.

DMI gives a land forecast and we find it quite accurate about precipitation.

YR is another land forecast, but also for the very long term or for 3-hourly details and it has a PDF-icon.  


AccuWeather, and another land forecast for the very long term.

The Weather Window, Frank Singleton's Weather and Sailing Pages for information about weatherforecasts


National Oceanography Centre for tide tables of British locations in the Atlantic, a.o. Gibraltar. through

Mobile Geographics, Info, World tide tables. This gets you to which shows tides in graphics as well as yearly calenders for Atlantic locations. gives beside tide predictions a High Tides calender (coefficients).


Hidrografico Portugal sends you parts of tide tables by e-mail on request.


Cruising, harbours and anchorages

Yachting and Boating World forums liveaboard link

Mittelmeer Yacht-Forum is similar to the YBW forum, but in German

Sailnet Cruising & Liveaboard Forum, and another one

WorldCruisingGuide, shared information by cruisers about harbours and anchorages all over the world, plus a technical and classifieds chapter

Noonsite, the global site for cruising sailors, another site with shared information by cruisers about harbours and anchorages all over the world, plus a forum

Yacht Balvenie, lots of harbour and anchorage information, around the world from New Zealand from E to W

Yacht Nausikaa, information about marinas in the Atlantic and Mediterranean; in Danish, but you'll get it right with a bit of guessing, or with google-translate

Aboard in France, Grehan's very extensive website about cruising the inland waterways of France, plus some blogs about Mediterranean Spain and France

Frank Singleton's Sailing logs, Mediterranean 2000-2010 (also for weather information)

Yacht Revolution, information about anchorages in the Balearics, Spain, 2010

Balears Life Posidonia, to book a mooring buoy in the Posidonia (a kind of seagrass) protection areas in the Balearics, Spain,

and they reply!

Marine Traffic, Live Ships Map, if you don't have an AIS, you can still see the ones who do have one

OpenCPN, download your free (!) navigation software


And some more

Wi-Fi on a boat tells you all about, well, wifi on a boat

WiFi annuaire des hotspots Wi-Fi gives you all free wifi signals in France

How to Crack a Wep Protected Wi Fi is illegal and I haven't tried it but the info is here

Flying Spaghetti Monster, Try something different from religion and/or superstition

Skyscanner scans many flight possibilities by several airlines, also indirect ones

Bravo Car Hire gives you several choices of hire car firms (for the best prices: hire the car at an airfield)

For finding the cheapest fuel locations in Spain

Coffee Break Spanish for when we finally get down to learning the language

Prostopleer for free (15 per day) music downloads 

Killer sudokus for the real addicts among us; a total waste of time but ever so relaxing

Simon's cat for if you want a change from Garfield

Eileen Quinn, music for sailors... and normal people

Stellarium, here you can download the sky views of everywhere on earth