La Linea anchorage, S Spain, 36°09.695N 005°21.863W (July 2011)

7 m sand, clear water


Subject to swell from the SW, unless you move more behind the marina breakwater. Also with E winds never really flat. Quite noisy from the busy road along the seafront. Nice view of The Rock, but La Linea town itself is nothing special.


We picked up an open wifi signal.


Before going there we had already heard it was not allowed to anchor anymore and indeed we were sent away by a Guardia Civil boat after three nights, even though we were nowhere near the breakwater. Some people managed four nights and when we were moored in Gibraltar marina we could see the masts of several boats at anchor on most days, so it's a matter of luck how soon they come. You might try anchoring behind the breakwater first until they chase you off and then, after they are well out of sight of course, anchor further near the beach and play the innocent when they come next. Later we also heard that they come out mostly on weekends.


DON'T leave your dinghy on the beach, or you might find it damaged or not find it at all anymore. We've heard you can take it into the marina and leave it there for a charge of € 5.


Shopping: there is a Mercadona a bit inland behind 3 high apartment blocks of different colours, just where the beach starts (or finishes depending from where you come).

The bus station is near the border: from the border (with your back to Gibraltar) turn left along the coast road and then the first street to the right.


It used to be a very nice and useful anchorage before La Linea marina was completed. So the reason the Guardia Civil chases boats away is probably that they want customers for the marina. We're waiting for the first boat to challenge them...


If you want to check out the marina: