La Herradura anchorage, S Spain, 36°43.64N 003°44.34W (July 2011)

10 m sand.

Large bay with protection against W or E, depending on which side you anchor. Still very open though. We had some swell even though it was a near windless day.

A few fishing buoys. The swimming buoys are very far out, hence our 10 m depth position.

Some disturbance from powerboats and jetski's, but not really much and they didn't come near us. In general more activity with paddle bikes and canoos.

Quite a pleasant bay, with not too much tourist development. We heard no disco. See blog for pictures.

We heard a better protection against W wind is to be found around the corner, S of Marina del Este.

Plenty of wifi signals, but none open. Dongle worked fine. Probably shops to be found on the waterfront from what we could see. The actual original village La Herradura is a bit inland.

This is probably the only anchorage between Gibraltar and Cabo de Gata with some protection against E winds.