Cádiz Bay, Bajo de la Palma anchorage, SW Spain, 36º31.18N 6º15.86W (August 2011)

4 m, sticky mud


Follow the shipping channel until past the harbour. After that there is a green buoy quite far to port. After passing that, turn to starboard (to the W). This is just past where the new bridge is being built. Keep the yellow buoys that mark the building area to you right. Feel you way in on the depth sounder. The depths do not shallow gradually, there are some shallower patches and then it gets deeper again.


There is no real beach to leave your dinghy, but you can park it inside the small boat marina. From there it's about 15 min walk into town, or there are buses.


For shopping go a bit inland and a bit to the left where there is a Supersol supermarket. A Corte Inglés can be seen from the anchorage. Also to be seen (easily) from the anchorage is a big Mercadona. It is also possible to anchor nearer the Mercadona where there is another small boat marina to leave the dinghy, but here you have to anchor further off because of the depths.


We picked up an open wifi occasionally. There is a library with free internet use near the Supersol.


Not many people seem to know about this anchorage, which is a shame because there is plenty of room and good shelter in any westerly, which are the prevalent winds in summer. It's not really scenic, but very useful.

Good shelter in easterly winds off the beach between Puerto Sherry and the long mole into El Puerto de Santa María.