Barbate Marina, SW Spain, 36º10.99N 5º55.99W (August 2011)

Entrance easy with some red and green buoys. Mind the low wave-breaker in the outer harbour in front of the marina entrance. (We've also heard it rumoured the thing is to stop rubbish and oil from the fishing harbour going into the marina, which could well be so, as the water was very murky.)

Reception pontoon to the left. The office is the first building near the reception pontoon. Mooring alongside floating fingerpontoons in 2 basins.

There is free wifi, but I couldn't pick up the signal on the boat, even with our external antenna, and had to take the laptop inside the office.

There is a washing machine, don't know the price.

Don't know about shopping either, the town is quite a hike away, we didn't go exploring.

Didn't see a chandler, but maybe there is on the shipyard which has a 50 ton travellift.


It could be suitable for wintering because it will be safe enough especially inside the second basin. Security quite okay, being a long way from town, but the pontoon doors were not locked. But it's near the Strait of Gibraltar so the weather is not as nice as you would expect for a place so far to the south. To us it seemed dead boring.


Prices rather high, like all Eppa-harbours.


We find it a suitable stop between daytrips from Gibraltar to Cádiz, but wouldn't use it for any other reason.


Anchorage just S of the marina, in favourable weather conditions.


Pricelist EPPA 2012.pdf
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