And why not continue up the river to Seville?

We'd sailed up to Seville before in June 2009 and had declared to never ever go there again in June because it had been so very hot. So going there in August sounds a bit mad, but now we were so near it seemed a shame to just pass by. And on the weather forecast we saw it would be 35ºC and going down to 25ºC in the next few days.

We quite enjoy the vast emptiness of the river and with the computer charts it's easy to find sufficient depths. After three hours we dropped anchor again and I got out all the mosquito netting, remembering only too well how terrible the nights had been on our previous trip. However, there were hardly any mosquito and it wasn't even very hot. But this time the stork nests along the shore were all empty.

Our chosen spot just to the NW of buoy number 20 is about halfway the 50 mile trip. Splitting the trip in two we had two relaxed days of chugging along on the best period of the tide and a nice night at anchor in the middle of nowhere safe for the occasional cargo ship passing in the deep water channel nicely out of our way.


Another four hours on the river got us to Gelves where we tied up to the outer pontoon. We could also have anchored, but for the next days there was a spring tide with a very high coefficient and then we wouldn't have liked to leave the boat alone at anchor while exploring Seville. Oh, and what difference make a few more marina nights. We were lucky because there was even a space nearly at the end of the pontoon where there are trees providing early afternoon shade!




This is a 360º view of the anchorage: a lot of nothingness.


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