Searching a suitable shipyard

Which is something we'd been doing for quite some time, but we won't bore you with a list of yards we considered unsuitable. Travelling westwards from Cartagena we planned to check out Aguadulce, Roquetas and Almerimar, all within 20 miles of each other, and all surprisingly allowing you to do your own work.

Upon arrival in Aguadulce we had a look around the yard, where we noticed 2 big travellifts, but we weren't very impressed by their tatty looking slings. So the next day we travelled by bus to nearby Roquetas, where we paced out the width of their travellift: 5 meters. This meant no need to bother inquiring about prices and such. After the weekend we took one of the twice daily direct buses to Almerimar, where we came across several people we'd met 2 years ago when we wintered there and even some boats we'd seen in years previous to that, which was of course a nice meeting-up again.

The travellifts in Almerimar seemed okay, but considering the two possiblities we now had, we eventually chose for the yard in Aguadulce which somehow seemed more welcoming and with the possiblity of using 4 slings we assumed it would be safe enough.

In between getting it all organised, we did the usual things one does in a new place: a shop discovery tour, some cleaning and a bit of laundry. The day we planned on sightseeing in Almería it was raining though and we did some indoor jobs instead. Peter operated the waterpump and replaced the impeller and I was kept busy by googling for information about ordering spares. While updating our websites I noticed the lettering and header had gone all funny and awry! And of course I couldn't remember exactly what fonts I used originally! But a few days later it seemed to be back to "normal" and I wondered if it was caused by a different wifi/provider/dongle/whatever. As if the upkeep of the sites themselves isn't time consuming enough.

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