And so spring weddings and here in the marina we celebrated the Royal one with a Royal barbeque with a television next to it. Lots of encores of the Royal kiss and in the next days we had to endure many more of them.
And plenty of other signs that winter is over.

New neighbours right behind us: the cruise ships are appearing in port again. And with the troubles in Africa, the ships are avoiding the South Mediterranean shore and so Cartagena gets invaded more often.

Instead of no other Dutch cruisers in port all winter, one day we got two apartment blocks full of them: the New Amsterdam and the smaller, older sister Amsterdam.

On days like this the streets, museums and the All-for-€2-shop are very crowded, but by evening the ships all sail off again.

Another type of neighbour. NATO is protecting us.

Not so nice when we are downwind of them because these boats produce an awful stink with their generators.

Being in a naval port we get to notice some of the traffic to and from Libya.

A definite sign of spring: the peacocks in the park hadn't shown us their courting outfit before.

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