Seven silly sisters

Imagine seven females away from their homes, families, jobs....


Last year when I suggested to have a sister(real/step/in-law) weekend in Spain it sounded like a mission impossible to get seven separate people with busy lives/work/children/grandchildren together for a holiday abroad, but it sounded like a good idea worth trying.

And guess what: in no time a date was fixed and discount flights were booked – well, not so very cheap when everyone takes a suitcase along!

It did take me some time to find a good accommodation, because Cartagena has no beaches, so no holiday houses, and many of the nearby holiday places like Mar Menor are just too dead in winter and also all the houses are built for summer which often means no heating and really tiny indoor facilities. And in case of rain, one needs a bit more than just a place to sleep. But we did find a suitable place in Puerto de Mazarrón, near the beach, in walking distance of shops and restaurants and not too dead. However, I was glad it was dead enough so not too many neighbours were disturbed by our noisy evenings. Seven laughing girls produce a lot of decibels!

What fun we had! I won't try to describe what we all laughed about so much – can't remember!

– but I do remember a sore throat some mornings, not from snoring or singing (well, some) but mostly from just laughing. And sore stomach muscles.

Fortunately, luckily, fingers crooked from crossing, the weather was very sunny so we did lots of things outdoors (after everyone had had their showers etc.) where we enjoyed the sunshine, blue skies, beaches, mountains, menu del día on a terras, outdoor market, tapas in the Cartagena old town etc etc.

Five fabulous days to look back on. And worth repeating!



(I was going to write this entry in Dutch, but by now I'm back in English mode again. Next time...)



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