And some culture

A concert and Carnaval

Even though we had planned this to be a cultural winter, it had been a while ago since we'd had the chance to visit a concert. Many events here are announced at really short notice, so we had missed out on some things, but by now we've learned to keep an eye out for posters and such. Which is how we spotted a concert organized by a bank (which they advertize as Social Works), by Trio Sombras, three singers/guitarists accompanied by a bass and bongo player, performing South American songs. To an un-muscial like me it was amazing to hear them all three singing and playing a different part.  A very pleasant evening, and free, like so many other things. Besides, it was very interesting to watch all the other people in the audience. The weather being quite chilly, this evening was like a fur coat show. Which made us stick out all the more like grotty yotties.



The program for the Carnaval week was rather vague about starting times, and so we missed out again on some happenings, but we went to have a look at the parade on the Saturday night. Not really expecting much, I hadn't bothered to take the camera along. Stupid stupid. Because it was a really amazing event. Not many floats but lots and lots of so called choreographic groups, performing their parade dances, which they'd obviously been studying on for months. And their costumes! We had never seen such a display of feathers, feathers and more feathers, glitters, high heels, bare legs/arms/etc (and apparently an excess of fat was no reason for disqualification). The groups consisted mostly of teenage girls, but also plenty of boys taking part enthousiastically and very endearing were the small girls in the same outfits, some really young, only just out of nappies it seemed. But there were also a lot of pensioners groups who had done their best on their outfits and dance steps.

The parade went on for hours, but we never got bored and didn't even notice the cold much.

On Tuesday there was another parade and this time I had my camera and plenty of spare batteries, but it turned out to be a watered down version with only a fraction of the participants. There were also hardly any spectators which must have been disappointing for the performers. But I did get some pictures this time.



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